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Movable wall project customized solution

Movable wall project customized solution

Movable wall project customized solution


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Egood movable partition products

Type 65 Movable Partition
Type 65 Movable Partition
65mm thickness panel,Max height 4500mm.Top supported without floor track and guide. STC 32db-45db.clear anodized extruded aluminum frames and trac...
Type 80 Movable Partition
Type 80 Movable Partition
80mm thickness panel ,Max height up to 5500mm.Top supported without floor track or guide.Sound insulation coefficien :STC 40db to 48db available in...
Type100 movable partition
Type100 movable partition
100mm thickness panel,Max height up to 7500mm.Top supported without floor track or guide. Sound insulation coefficien:STC 43db to 53db.available in...
Ultrahigh movable partition
Ultrahigh movable parti...
heavy duty track systems are used when the operable partition height or weights limite exceed that recommended for the normal aluminum system,Maxim...
Framed glass partition
Framed glass partition
consists of glass surrounded with an aluminum frame that is normal 65mm or 85mm thick.Each panel has top and bottom sweep seals and a 22.5 clearanc...
Frameless glass partition
Frameless glass partition
consisits of glass panels mechanically fastened to horizontal top and bottom rails.The panel movable on a ceiling track with no requirement of floo...

Passed ASTM standards of acoustic test in Hongkong

ATSM international is an organization establishes standard for testing and application in many areas including acoustics. Egood designes and builds their acoustic operable partition system including tracks, carriers, panels and doors according to the common ASTM standards of Acoustic. Egood conducts ASTM standards of acoustic test in Hongkong Laboratory Accreditation Scheme(HOKLAS) for her 65, 80, and 100 series of operable partition systems.

Successful casesWe'll be keeping to provide excellent products and extraordinarily living experience for the users.

Product Certificates


    Guangdong Television interviewed
    Egood partition company

    12th Dec,2015 its destined to a special day for Egood company, because we have a distinguished guests coming to visit us. At 10 o'clock, GuangDong TV reporters who booked interviews with us few days ago arrived our factory in time. Over the last several years, Egood as a benchmark in operable wall industry in China, stood out from the intense competition market, captured the public’s attention and finally we got the chance of GuangDong TV interview. Till now, Egood has been not only sold all over the nation, but also had so many successful cases around Europe and America, the Africa, Middle East, South Asia, Southeast Asia and many other districts.



Total Solution

After years of continous engineering research and testing activities of acoustic system,Egood delivers world-class noise control,Stiffness,reliability,durability,style and aesthetic accessories through her diversified acoustic product protfolio,Egood strictly regulates the procurement of materials and production processes,with precision engineering and quality control systems to ensure that all manufactured products is excellent with no defect.Egood work with architects,designers,developers,contractors and owners in diesign,product selection,decorative finishing,

Foshan is a prefecture-level city in center Guangdong province southern China and ranked as the largest manufacturing base in the pearl river delta.The production facility of Egood is strategically located in there because of the availability of vast resources.Egood has continued to thrive because of its excellent products quality and after sales.To date,its business coverage has reached not only every area in China,but also extended to over 50 countries. Foshan Egood partition products co.,Ltd(named as Nanhai Yigu hardware accessories factory)was established in 1998,in 2008 its movable partition division started production in large scale ,after years of research and development works....More>>

Product Category

Type 65 Movable Partition
Type 80 Movable Partition
Type100 movable partition
Ultrahigh movable partition
Framed glass partition
High Compartment


Egood offers products and service with the end user in mind.We build in features that provide benefits to the owner over the life of the partition.Features such as protective edge trim will keep yours partitions looking look for many years to come. Egood provides common finishes options as below mention also provide unfinished for field decoration to compliment the building environment:
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Movable partitions are customized for different customers with different requirment, pls feel free to contact us.

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