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The Folding Partition Wall In Banquet Hall

Updated:2021-05-26 09:58:59

The banquet hall of the hotel is the most frequently used area with the largest number of single reception guests and the widest crowd. Therefore, we must pay special attention to the design and layout of the activity partition of the banquet hall.

The biggest advantage of installing activity partition is that it can change the spatial pattern at any time. It is flexible and easy to operate. The waiters can move the wall quickly and independently. Whether it is a large-scale activity or a gathering of friends, it is easy to open up an independent private space. The wall adopts sound insulation materials to ensure the safety and privacy of each compartment.
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The activity partition of the banquet hall is hung on the ceiling. It is very labor-saving when moving. It does not affect the customers or staff to walk and change the ground decoration. The unique decorative surface of the activity partition must correspond with the hotel to set off each other. When receiving large-scale activities, the fan of the activity partition can be stored in a special partition storage cabinet. If the storage cabinet is not designed, it can also be stacked against the wall, which does not occupy space and does not affect the overall use space.

Most of the hotel banquet hall design will choose to install activity partition, which is flexible and convenient to use, and can adapt to different needs and occasions of different people for various purposes.