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People’s Bank Of China Movable Partition Project

Updated:2021-04-26 16:43:47

As China’s most internationalized and diversified bank, Bank of China provides a comprehensive range of financial services to customers across the Chinese mainland as well as 41 countries and regions.Its the famous governmental enterprise has strict requirement of products in their commercial building.

People's  bank of China

Egood movable partition wall successfully came into People’s Bank of China. Recently, Egood built a sliding folding partition wall in People’s Bank of China function room. Its a function room with investment meeting will be held.

 movable partition


Egood works with Bank’s architects, designers, developers,contracts and owners in design,product selection, decorative finishing, project management and after-sales warranty services. Responsible for project design, production and installation. Pictures is the project details. Its a Melamine finishes and twin point suspension Type 80 series. STC 45.

movable partition.