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Congratulation for the completion of Hainan International Convention Center

Updated:2020-11-25 16:42:56

Building Hainan International Convention Center is like adding wings to the development of Hainan convention and exhibition industry. It has exhibition center, convention center, a five-star hotel, a seven-star Marine Hotel, serviced apartments, office and commercial facilities, economic headquarters and so on. Meanwhile, it will also retain the main Scenic of Ocean World Park.

Project name: Hainan International Convention Center

STC: 51db

Quantity:3200 m2


Panel thickness:100mm

Finish: aluminum honeycomb board


On 28th November, 2018, the second phase expansion project began. It has a total investment of 2.019 billion yuan and a total construction area of about 198,000 square meters. After completion, it will be connected with the first phase into an organic whole and complement each other, becoming a multi-functional complex.


In the second phase, the interior decoration of the north district adopts movable partition wall, which can better highlight the diversified development concept of the center. The total area of movable partiiton wall reaches 3,288 square meters, and the height is up to 14.38 meters, in which Type100 is selected by using steel track system with excellent safety and stability.