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Analysis of the use of hotel movable partition!

Updated:2021-04-19 11:29:43



1. On the method of opening the hotel movable partition screen. First of all, all operations should be carried out easily and slowly, and pay attention to safety. Face the movable partition and hold the two sides of the partition with both hands. Pull the partition along the direction of the hanging rail. When pushing, pay attention to the path of the hanging rail. In this case, it is necessary to turn the partition in the direction of the rail, push the partition to the required position, and then fix the movable partition.


2. On the method of fixed hotel activity partition screen. Hold the screen with one hand, and put the handle into the hexagonal steel hole at 1.1 meters on the side of the partition. Hold the handle to twist it clockwise to 180 degrees, and the retractable seal inside the movable partition pops out to fix the partition. . When all partitions are placed and fixed, you need to check whether the partitions are straight and on the same plane as the hanging rail. When they are not straight, you need to retract the partition's telescopic bar again and place them straight. Then go to fix.



1. Variety of surface materials: There are many variations of surface materials, and there are many choices of colors. Different spaces, different uses, and different surface materials, from simple, elegant, noble, gorgeous, can be competent.


2. Random change of space: The entire structure of the hotel's movable partition is designed with architectural mechanical structure, which has excellent stability and safety, and will not cause asymmetric traces due to the unevenness of the ceiling, the ground and the wall pillars. 95% are directly assembled and assembled by the factory, and the delivery is fast. On-site construction does not require secondary cutting and other operations, and the installation is very convenient.


3. Safety and fire resistance: When designing partitions, you must choose the surface material according to the company's Chinese construction industry standard fire building materials design, and take into account the fire rating of different places and regions, using different series of products of the same partition system .


4. Green and environmental protection: The design of the hotel partition adopts a flexible aluminum alloy steel frame structure, which has strong impact resistance, shock resistance, and recyclable resources. The fusion of the structure body and accessories is very high, even if the movable partition requires local changes or During large-scale demolition, the repeated utilization rate can also reach up to more than 85%, and the time and cost of reinstallation can be greatly reduced.