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Yunnan Fine Art Museum art gallery partition

Updated:2019-02-26 09:24:10

Yunnan Fine Art Museum Built in 1962, the building was completely designed by Soviet experts, so its Soviet style is particularly rich. The frame structure, two floors of the building, four floors in the middle of the tower, the red tip of the pentagon, the overall height of 65 meters, was the tallest building in Kunming at that time. Its internal structure is large,it can be used as a whole, and it can also be separated by partition and used locally. It turned out that it was not the Yunnan Provincial Museum at the time of design,but the Military Museum of the Kunming Military Region. Later, the provincial museum did not have a fixed site,and it was allocated to the provincial museum after coordination by the State Council.




Egood company started contracted the redecoration of the movable  art garlley partitions from May2018,hasd completed over 2500square meters of partition panels till then end of 2018.