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Office Meeting Room Movable Wall Project:Guanghou Baiyun Xueshan Cultural And Creative Valley

Updated:2021-01-30 11:28:44

Project name:Xueshan Cultural and creative Valley A1 builidng,5th floor

Movable wall type:Egood type65 movable wall

Movable wall panel height:2.5meter

Total quantity:50 square meters

Soundproofing data:STC 38

Finishes:white HDF melamine board panel

Xueshan cultural and creative Valley is affiliated to Guangzhou Xueshan Cultural Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: Xueshan). It is a diversified industrial park with the characteristics of "fashion culture, trend creativity and leisure taste", which integrates the creativity, office, leisure, consumption and supporting services of high-end cultural industry. It has been committed to developing into a leading creative office living space in China.


Xueshan Cultural and creative Valley 

On the 5th floor of the A1 building of Xueshan cultural and creative Valley,its  adopts Egood’s  movable wall products, two runs of the partitions are uesed to  divide the whole office meeting room into three smaller  space, as to get  multi-purpose rooms to create a multi-functional office spacing .

Egood’s type 65 movable wall has been recommended, and the partition wall panel height is 2.5 meters. Since the movale walls are installed in the later stage, in order to avoid a overhead waterpipe which cover by a lower level false ceiling,the top hang aluminum track have to be fixed under the false ceiling ,and it will be cover by the gypsum board later on by the owner.so sound will no be leakage.The sound insulation coefficient of the moable wall is 38dB, and the total area of the partition are  40 square meters. The finishes of the movable  wall is HDF melamien white board,its matching the surrounding area and design  which is simple, generous and appropriate, and provides the owner with the most cost-effective solution to the space division.

Top hang white melamine movable wall panel

Top hang white melamine movable wall panel

Whole board movable wall panel

Whole board movable wall panel 


Full board movable wall panel with subsection

“h”style parking staking  movable wall

“h”style parking staking  movable wall 

Office meeting Movable wall partition layout floor plan drawing

Office meeting Movable wall partition layout floor plan drawing 


Office meeting Movable wall partition layout floor plan drawing 


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