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AE-S28 Frameless folding glass doorAE-S28 Frameless folding glass door
Frameless folding glass door, each panel is separate. Home and commercial application including villa, appartment balcony hotel room,lounge bar.exhibition hall, shops, restaurants, schools, garages, churches, off...
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AE-S36 Frameless glass partition wallAE-S36 Frameless glass partition wall
The frameless glass partition wall consists of glass panels mechanically fasterned to a top and bottom horizontal clamp.Choose from single or paired panels ,also can be used in an alternate locations or stacked i...
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EG-S65/80 Framed glass movable partitionEG-S65/80 Framed glass movable partition
framed glass movable partition consists of glass surrounded with an aluminum frame of 70mm or 80mm thickness. Each panel has top and bottom sweep seals and a 22.5mm clearance gap for suspension.Individual or pair...
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 AE-D75 Double glazed movable partition AE-D75 Double glazed movable partition
The thickness of aluminum frame profile is 75mm with 6-8mm; Top supported without floor track or guide; 8mm double tempered glass, invisible frame, simple and generous appearance; max glass wall height is 4 me...
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