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Congratulation for the completion of Auckland restaurant movable partitions project

Updated:2018-12-08 15:31:23

New Zealand is an island country in the southwestern Pacific Ocean. New Zealand's seafood is famous in the world for it's fresh,world class and original from the source.Thus there are various kinds of restaurants spreading the nation.




Auckland restaurant is also running their food business in Auckland,New Zealand. The owners wanted to manage the room flexibly and make their restaurant more functional, so they came to Egood for solutions. Per the owner's requirements, Egood used 1 set of operable partitions with full height of 3000mm to divide the room into 2 parts.



Double open pass door was set to enable people pass through the rooms conveniently. The owners approved the solution and production was proceeded accordingly.


Early in August, the owners completed installation by themselves with the guidance of Egood's engineer.





The movable walls works well and they are quite satisfied with its performance. Let's wish them a brisk business.




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