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How to choose the partition base board to customize the most suitable movable partition?

Updated:2021-03-29 10:25:22

A variety of movable partitions can be seen in many large places. The movable partition become the latest decoration style for large indoor spaces. It bring a lot of convenience and benefits to people. , Thus attracting many owners and decorators to try to customize their own movable partition wall, but if you seldom know this product and  rush to find a movable partition manufacturer to customize a movable partition, you will spend a lot of money but can't get the things you want.Here we introduce three commonly used base board for movable partitions. medium density fiberboard, glass magnesium fireproof board, and melamine board.
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   1. Medium-density fiberboard is abbreviated as MDF. This is the most commonly used panel material for movable partitions. MDF is made of wood or plant fibers through mechanical separation and chemical treatment methods, mixed with adhesives and water repellent.,It is an ideal man-made board for making furniture with high pressure in high temperature condition by extrusion molding .  MDF structure is more uniform than natural wood, withou decay and insects problems. At the same time, It is more easy to process in production due to the possibility of thermal expansion and contraction is extremely low.Since the surface of the MDF is flat and easy to paste various surface finishes, , so MDF is selected as the base material when needs to be hard-packed or soft-packed finishes on movable partition .
   2. The glass magnesium fireproof board is abbreviated as the glass magnesium board. it has high temperature resistance, flame retardant, sound absorption and shockproof, waterproof and moisture-proof, insect-proof, anti-corrosion, non-toxic, odorless and pollution-free features. The board surface has good coloring properties,can painting by Air Gun. With High strength, flexible bending function, it can be sawed, nailed, and glued.extremely convenient for decoration industry .such as: hotel banquet halls, convention and exhibition centers, conference centers etc.high-end places and government projects that highly require fire protection and sound insulation.
   3. Melamine board is also called double veneer board. Its main material is particle board, which is bonding the particle board and the surface veneer. The surface veneers have domestic and imported two types. Both are fireproof, anti-wear, and waterproof function,The veneer materials include walnut, white oak, sapele etc different materials and colors for customers to choose.  it is used as a movable partition surface finished directly, what is more,it is cost-effective , suitable for small restaurants, restaurants, offices and other places.