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The combination of the conference room and the mobile partition wall

Updated:2021-03-25 13:09:40

Soundproofing is basic requirement in the decoration of hotel conference  rooms. Unlike corporate meeting room environment, hotel meeting rooms need to meet the requirement of companies from different industry. Fortunately, with the building materials industry High development ,the mobile partition wall efficiently improve the space utilization rate of the meeting room more . The hotel meeting room can create the space for all kinds of people,from as few as 20 to 30 to hundreds of people. Movable partition wall has the following characteristics.

1. Movable function. Compared with the ordinary physical partition wall, the movable partition wall can be pushed and pulled or stored, There is no need to spend much time arranging the space reasonably,It is possbiel to divide the whole space into a variety of small spaces  or large meeting rooms with our movable partition wall. meet the request of different passenger flows easily.
2. Sound insulation Function. Soundproof is a necessary condition for a meeting room. Many changes in life and many decisions for society development are made from conference rooms. Therefore, privacy is very important. Our partition walls have high sound insulating performance, can fully guarantee the independent effect of small meeting hall , make it as private space or large hall, very flexible.. greatly protect the privacy of the meeting.
3. Fireproof function.It is easy to move,push and pull on the hanging rail. When the partition unfolding,the upper and Bottom pressure strips are opened and firmly withstand the ceiling and the ground, has a good heat insulation and fireproof effection.There are some Automatic lifting partitions at presant market.Egood also in the efforts of automatic partition wall.It adopt advanced intelligent control system and vector control frequency converting technology, can control the speed and output torque precisely, make the partition wall run smoothly and steady.

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4. Different finish optional.Surface finished are customizied for movable partition walls. Different materials are available for finish options as per your request decorative style .