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Egood Operable partition panel guide

Updated:2021-01-16 15:09:46

site request:

1.Structure support to suspend the track;


3.Electrical supply for execution of works;

4.Access and hoisting facilities for the elements to the required floor;

5.qualify ,well trained  Installer;

6.Installation track and panels according the the finalized engineering drawing;

Egood Operable partition panel guide


Verify operable panel partition openings by field measurements

before fabrication and indicate measurements on Shop Drawings.


protectively package and sequence panels in order for installation.

Clearly mark packages and panels with numbering system used on Shop Drawings.

Do not use permanent markings on panels.


Special Warranty: Manufacturer's standard form in which manufacturer agrees to repair or replace components of operable panel partitions that fail in materials or workmanship 

Egood Operable partition panel guide


operable wall partitions consists of 65-100-mm thick individually moving panels, suspended from an aluminum track only,each panel to have a top and bottom operable pressure seals and concave/convex interlocking profiles

with additional PVC seals. Each panel is to be suspended on one four-wheel ball-bearing trolley or two multi-directional polymer trolleys.

The vertical edges are protected by means of an overlapping aluminum trim.


Panel Construction: Provide top reinforcement as required to support panel from suspension components and provide reinforcement

for hardware attachment. Fabricate panels with tight hairline joints and concealed fasteners. Fabricate panels so finished in-place

partition is rigid; level; plumb; aligned, with tight joints and uniform appearance; and free of bow, warp, twist, deformation,

and surface and finish irregularities.

Panels are constructed of a non-deflecting steel tube frame and aluminum profiles, bolted together.

The frame is cladded with a 12 MDF or 12 mm plywood board.

The board is not fixed to the frame, allowed to vibrate independently of the frame.

The panel cavity is filled with high density mineral wool in accordance with the

specified sound insulation requirements.


C. Telescopic (Last) Panel: The standard telescopic panel opens and closes up to 100 mm and is operated by a single mechanism for

both the top and bottom seals and the travel of the telescopic sleeve. The telescopic panel maintains the

same quality criteria as the other panels.

E. Dimensions: Fabricate operable panel partitions to form an assembled system of dimensions indicated and verified by field measurements.

G. Hardware: Manufacturer's standard as required to operate operable panel partition and accessories; with decorative, protective finish.



A. General: Provide types of acoustical seals indicated that produce operable panel partitions complying with acoustical performance

requirements and the following:

Manufacturer's standard PVC seals.

Seals made from materials and in profiles that minimize sound leakage.

Seals fitting tight at contact surfaces and sealing continuously between adjacent panels and between operable

panel partition perimeter

and adjacent surfaces, when operable panel partition is extended and closed.

Each panel has a spring loaded top and bottom retractable seal.

Seals are to be operated simultaneously by an easy action, maintenance-free detachable crank handled and engaged by

 a winding mechanism to ensure optimum contact pressure.

The retractable seal frames are constructed of aluminum with PVC seals at the contact points.

Corner seals are fully interlocking.



A. Suspension Tracks: Each panel is suspended on one 4-wheel ball-bearing trolley or two multi-directional polymer trolleys.

The individual panel is adjustable in height without the opening of the ceiling or panel.

B. Carriers: Trolley system as required for configuration type, size, and weight of partition and for easy operation;

with ball-bearing wheels.

1. Multidirectional Carriers: Capable of negotiating 90-degree L, T, and X intersections without track switches.

C. Track Intersections, Switches, and Accessories: As required for type of operation, storage, track configuration,

and layout indicated for operable panel partitions, and compatible with partition assembly specified. Fabricate

track intersections and switches from steel or aluminum.

D. Aluminum Finish: Manufacturer's standard, factory-applied, decorative finish, unless otherwise indicated.



A. Examine flooring, structural support, and opening, with Installer present, for compliance with requirements for installation

tolerances and other conditions affecting performance of operable panel partitions.

1. Proceed with installation only after unsatisfactory conditions have been corrected.



B. Install operable panel partitions and accessories after other finishing operations, including painting, have been completed.

C. Install panels from marked packages in numbered sequence indicated on Shop Drawings.

D. Broken, cracked, chipped, deformed, or unmatched panels are not acceptable.

A. General: Comply with operable panel partition manufacturer's written installation instructions.




A. Adjust operable panel partitions to operate smoothly, without warping or binding. Lubricate hardware and other moving parts.

B. Adjust doors to operate smoothly and easily, without binding or warping. Check and readjust operating hardware. Confirm that latches and locks engage

accurately and securely without forcing or binding.



A. Repair or replace operable panel partitions within areas where partitions do not comply with requirements.


A. Clean soiled surfaces of operable panel partitions to remove dust, loose fibers, fingerprints, adhesives, and other foreign materials

according to manufacturer's written instructions.



A. Engage a factory-authorized service representative to train Owner's maintenance personnel to adjust, operate, and maintain operable panel partitions.