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100# Automatic movable partitions

Updated:2023-12-07 16:25:07

Automatic movable partitions, also known as movable partition walls, movable panels, or mobile screens, leverage cutting-edge German technology. These partitions are not only easy to install but also reusable, making them an environmentally friendly and industrially produced solution with fireproof capabilities.

Functionally, these partitions offer a flexible approach to segregating interior spaces, allowing large areas to be efficiently divided into smaller sections. Whether for residential or commercial use, these partitions cater to diverse spatial requirements within a building. Additionally, users can choose between electric and manual options, providing versatility in installation and operation.


- Electromechanical drive features powerful startup

- Redundant safety sensors and advanced activation sensors for safety. Infrared sensor system, reverses the direction of the door if any obstruction cuts across the invisible light beam.

- Rollers made of specially designed composite materials such as nylon, with bearing for smooth operation.

- Available with Manual Operation Mode in case of emergency. Quick release disengaging mechanism enables changeover to manual operation in case of power failure.锛坢anual operation must under power cut-off).

- Easy to operate through push button / remote control

- A total safety system, automatic hung sliding garage doors are designed to meet all



Monolithic width range

800 - 1500mm / customized

Maximum single piece weight

850Kg / customized

Maximum number of running slices

110 Sheet

Operating speed range

0.10 - 0.20 m/s / customized

Input/output voltage

85-264 volts/24 volts

Soundproof treament

steel sheet, sound dampening mat, acoustic panel etc.

Base board

9mm plywood/MDF/ HDF//HPL etc.

Surface finish

Bare board, plywood, melamine, fabric, PU, HPL, wood ect./customized



Fire retartdant


Applicable Height

2m to 20m

Passing door

Single/double leaf

Panel Configuration:

Coating THK:

um Wesbster Hardness:



2.Keel:1.0mm hot dip

galvanizing steel

3.Rockwool: 55kg/m³

4.Base Board THK锛9mm


Technical Accessories


Track System Motion System

Track System

hard oxidized 6061 aluminum track

main weighing wall
thickness reaches 12 mm, which provides stable load-bearing support and excellent weather resistance for the entire electric system;

Motion System

The key components of the motion system are all self-developed customized products. The supporting hardware comes from international well-known brand supporting manufacturers, and the quality is stable and reliable;




Custom 42mm diameter brushless DC motor Voltage
DC 24v
torque -0.185N.m
Rated power -78w
Rated speed -4000rpm Rated current -5.1A Rated


Customized 42mm planetary gear box + umbrella
gear gear boxReduction ratio-1: 74.52
Maximum output torque-15N.m1

Master controller

Integrated motor driver

Master Controller

Handheld/Wall Color Screen

Control Panel/Tablet PC (optional)

Input voltage-220v (color screen)

control mode-on / off / special

mode screen size-5 inches

Communication mode-radio frequency

Integrated Motor Driver

Brushless DC drive + RF receiving module

Operating speed-can be linearly adjusted 1000-4000rpm

Door opening delay-linearly adjustable 3-999s

Door closing delay-linearly adjustable 3-999s Start

acceleration-10 gears adjustable

PID-encoder parameter setting

Communication mode-radio frequency, mobile phone Bluetooth/wifi (can be customized) spare I/O ports-2


Technical Node Diagram


TRACK LAYOUT Door panel to touch sealing node


The rail system is made of high strength 6061-T5 profile, which provides a good structural foundation for the whole as well as the movement structure. At the same time, the surface of the profile is anodized to improve the anti-corrosion ability of the profile under high salt and high humidity conditions in Shenzhen.

Door panel to touch sealing node

Active hanging assembly Slave hanger assembly

Active Hanging Assembly

Slave Hanger Assembly

Electric hanging system nodes Upper and lower sealing nodes

Electric Hanging System Nodes

Upper And Lower Sealing Nodes






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