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100 series aluminum frame glass partition

Updated:2023-12-05 16:59:10


When the architecture of a building promotes lightness and space and the function of the room requires a minimalist partition solution, aluminium frame glass partition system provides the answer.

With the glazing held in a perimeter frame with no need for vertical aluminum framing, a transparent and open room is created. Aluminum profiles with powder coated or anodized finishes.

1) Clean lines and visual transparency
2) Flush single or double glazing
3) Frameless structural glazing construction method
4) Wall thickness 100 mm, flush with solid wall and door elements
5) Venetian blinds can be centrally integrated in double-glazing cavity
6) Adjustable accessories in base frame for leveling allowance
7) Sound insulation test certificates for glass wall STC up to 38 dB



Design features
Aluminum frame glass partition system
100 series aluminum frame glass partition
Single/double glass
Glass thickness
Office and conference room
Panel thickness
Built-in doors
Single glass and double glazed doors, solid doors
Transparent, colored or frosted glass, blinds intergrated between the glass panels
Noise reduction coefficient
STC 35-38 db
Door Accessories
Electronic lock available



Clear frame double glass system

System frame: 6063-T5 aluminum profile frame
System keel: cold-rolled galvanized steel plate is integrally formed into a cavity structure
Wall material: tempered glass fire-proof glass
Wall thickness: 100mm
Sound isolation decibel: 35~38dB
Fire protection level: 60 minutes, reaching Class A fire protection standard


- Business office field: office building, co-working, core barrel parapet, office partition ......

- Banking and finance: bank headquarters or branches, investment companies, VIP reception area ......

- Industrial plant: production workshop, office building, workshop R&D department ......

- Medical and pension field: hospital corridor, operating theatre, inpatient department, laboratory ......

- Automotive industry: car 4S sales outlets, showrooms, VIP reception area ......

- Hotel flats: hotel corridors, hotel housing, joint flats ......

- Public buildings: schools, libraries, high-speed railway stations, bus stations, airports ......

- Large buildings: conference halls, performance halls, cinemas, stadiums ......