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EG100 movable partition

Updated:2023-12-02 10:50:02


EG100# Acoustic Movable Partition System is a significant breakthrough in the field of acoustic environments. Utilizing advanced materials such as steel sheets, sound-dampening mats, and acoustic panels, it ensures outstanding sound transmission levels (STC) ranging from 45db to 56db. The robust base board offers options like 15mm/18mm plywood, MDF, HDF, or HPL, laying a solid foundation for exceptional acoustic performance.


Various surface finishes are available, including bare boards, plywood, melamine, fabric, PU, HPL, and wood, all customizable to your aesthetic preferences. This versatile system supports optional fire-retardant features and is suitable for heights ranging from 5m to 20m in various scenarios.


The EG100# system provides single or double-leaf doors for convenient passage without compromising soundproofing effectiveness. The sturdy outer frame is crafted from 6061 aluminum alloy, while the inner frame consists of 3.0mm hot-dip galvanized C-shaped steel and 1.2mm hot-dip galvanized square steel tubes, ensuring durability. With high-density 100kg/m³ rock wool and a door thickness of 105mm, the EG100# system sets a new benchmark in the field of acoustic solutions.


Soundproof treament
steel sheet, sound dampening mat, acoustic panel etc.
Base board
15 mm /18mm plywood /MDF/HDF/HPL
Surface finish
Bare board, plywood, melamine, fabric, PU, HPL, wood ect./customized
45db - 56db
thicknesses 105mm
Fire retartdant
Applicable Height
5m to 20m
Passing door
Single/double leaf
Panel Configuration:
Coating THK:
um Wesbster Hardness: 
1.Outer Frame:6061-12um-15hw
2.Inner Frame: 3.0mm hot dip
galvanizing C-shape
steel+1.2mm hot dip galvanizing
square steel tube
4.Board THK锛15mm