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EG-12 Frameless glass partition wall

Updated:2021-12-11 14:58:02


The frameless glass partition wall consists of glass panels mechanically fasterned to a top and bottom horizontal clamp.Choose from single or paired panels ,also can be used in an alternate locations or stacked in a remote location.The glass panels move on a ceiling track with no requirement of floor guide or rails.


Description of the whole system

Frameless glass wall

Model number EG-12
Galss Standard clear tempered glass 10, 12mm Frosted ,or painting glass are optional
Glass clamp
Clear anodized 6063-T6 aluminum 36mm thickness x 98mm height
Panel height 1meter to 4 meters
Track system clear anodized 6063-T6 aluminum Imported Dupont POM Carrier, Carrier Load 300kg
Sound Tramsmission STC 32
Place range Indoor,outdoor, hotel,office, store shopping mall, restaurant or private house etc