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EG65 Movable Partition

Updated:2023-12-02 02:51:10


The EG65# Movable Partition System is designed to redefine acoustic environments. Employing cutting-edge acoustic processing technology and premium materials such as steel sheets, sound-damping mats, and acoustic panels, it ensures an outstanding sound transmission class (STC) of 38-45db.


The base board offers a choice of robust 9mm plywood, medium-density fiberboard (MDF), high-density fiberboard (HDF), high-pressure laminate (HPL), providing a solid foundation. Surface finishes range from simple bare boards to stylish melamine, fabric, polyurethane (PU), high-pressure laminate (HPL), and wood, catering to your personalized aesthetic preferences.


Highly adaptable, our partitions offer optional fire-resistant features, supporting both single and double-leaf doors, each with a thickness of up to 69mm. With a wide applicable height range, from 2m to 4.5m, it provides tremendous flexibility for various spaces.


By introducing cutting-edge features and exquisite design, we elevate the environment, setting a new benchmark for acoustic solutions.


Soundproof treament
steel sheet, sound dampening mat, acoustic panel etc.
Base board
9mm plywood/MDF/ HDF//HPL etc.
Surface finish
Bare board, plywood, melamine, fabric, PU, HPL, wood ect./customized
thicknesses 69mm
Fire retartdant
Applicable Height
2m to 4.5m
Passing door
Single/double leaf
Panel Configuration:
Coating THK:
um Wesbster Hardness: 
2.Keel:1.0mm hot dip
galvanizing steel
3.Rockwool: 55kg/m³
4.Base Board THK:9mm