EG85 Movable Partition


EG85# Acoustic Movable Partition System utilizes advanced soundproofing technology, incorporating materials such as steel sheets, sound-dampening mats, and acoustic panels to ensure an outstanding sound transmission class (STC) ranging from 45db to 56db. The robust 15mm/18mm plywood, MDF, HDF, or HPL baseboards provide a solid foundation for excellent acoustic performance.

The diversity in surface finishes includes options like bare boards, plywood, melamine, fabric, PU, HPL, and wood, catering to a variety of aesthetic preferences. This multifunctional system supports optional fire retardant features and is applicable for impressive heights ranging from 5m to 20m. It offers single or double-leaf doors for convenient passage without compromising soundproofing. The sturdy outer frame is crafted from 6061 aluminum alloy, while the inner frame combines 3.0mm hot-dip galvanized C-shaped steel and 1.2mm hot-dip galvanized square steel tubes. With a high-density 100kg/m³ rockwool and a door thickness of 89mm, the EG85# system sets a new benchmark for acoustic solutions.


Soundproof treament
steel sheet, sound dampening mat, acoustic panel etc.
Base board
15 mm /18mm plywood /MDF/HDF/HPL
Surface finish
Bare board, plywood, melamine, fabric, PU, HPL, wood ect./customized
45db - 56db
thicknesses 89mm
Fire retartdant
Applicable Height
 5m to 20m
Passing door
Single/double leaf
Panel Configuration:
Coating THK:
um Wesbster Hardness: 
1.Outer Frame:6061-12um-15hw
2.Inner Frame: 3.0mm hot dip
galvanizing C-shape
steel+1.2mm hot dip galvanizing
square steel tube
4.Board THK:15mm


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