Why choose us?

We Produce 75% of the accessories for movable partitions manufactures in China.In doing so,and together with the experience gained in manufacturing movable partition,we have mastered the production techniques and made breakthroughs in various qualility standards.Superior product quality and features are a direct result of these accomplishment.


Since the parts and accessories usded on our movable partitions are produced in-house,not only that we can effectively control the quality but also the cost of manufacturing.Thus,it makes our operable partition system the most cost effective solution available in the market.


We promise to respond and provide solution to our customer on quality issue within 5 hours.For a on-site issue,our professional technical team will commence its field service within 72 hours;we reserve until the issue is resolved.Every quality issue or complanit case is documented and logged in our quality system and these data are used for continuous improvement proposes.

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