AE-D75 Double glazed movable partition



The glass partition walls are composed of double sheets of 6-8mm tempered glass ,the invisible slim aluminum frame of 62mm thickness make the most smooth and dedicate appearance.

Double glazed movable partition together with the horizontal top and bottom retractalbe seals provide STC40-48db in laboratory setting.

It goes along with only overhead guides to provide optimal solutions where it is necessary to physically separate internal or external spaces.


Description of the whole system
Item Movable acoustic glass partition wall
Model number AE-D75
Galss Double standard clear tempered glass 6-8mm,frosted,painting glass
Aluminum profile Invisilble clear anodized6063-T6 aluminum, 62mm thickness.
Panel thickness 62-68mm thickness
Panel height 1 meter to 4 meters
Track system Clear anodized 6063-T6 aluminum, imported Dupont POM carrier or Omidirectional square steel roller
Sound Transmission STC40-48
Mechansim seal Jacking lifting
Other finishes Blind,megnetic white borad glass, solid panel etc.




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