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Can the movable partition wall of the hotel make people-oriented space service in the large ballroom?

Updated:2021-04-01 13:40:28

Can the movable partition wall of the hotel make people-oriented space service in the large ballroom? Indeed, the banquet hall equipped with such products can receive large-scale banquets, small banquets, and box-type dinners according to actual needs. Why does this hotel's movable partition wall have such a magical effect? If you want to learn more, you may want to read on.




The core concept of business hotel space design is people-oriented. From the perspective of psychology, it studies the customers who work in the business form as their work area and the needs of the working and living environment, so as to formulate a thematic space scale design for the purpose of service. For the large-scale banquet hall space, the use requirements of business people are now more multifunctional, large and small banquets, and three or five confidant meals must be met. Therefore, in the process of building a functional space, we need to Hotel movable partition walls were introduced to fulfill these needs. Different business people have differences in their preferences for the environment during the business meal. It is well known that such differences are very difficult to achieve in a fixed banquet hall. But there is no absolute thing. If a large-scale banquet hall space is equipped with a hotel movable partition wall space partition system, its use effect will be completely different. Why so far? After all, this is inseparable from the flexible nature of the hotel's movable partition wall. It can not only divide the hall into small banquet halls, multiple independent small boxes for use, but also connect these small spaces into a large banquet hall when needed. In this way, the people-oriented service of the large ballroom space can be realized.


Why does the hotel's movable partition wall make the large banquet room space people-oriented? In fact, this is inseparable from the characteristics of this product that can change the size of the space at any time. If you also want to use this product, then please call us. The service hotline of egood Hotel Movable Partition Wall is 4000-999-113.