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How to maintain the hotel movable partition?

Updated:2020-08-18 17:48:42

The hotel movable partition will be maintained once after using for a period of time, and the maintenance of the hanging rail is the most important in the movable partition, so what convenience should the hotel movable partition carry out maintenance from? A solid partition manufacturers give you a careful analysis of it!

Disassemble for detailed inspection

The hanging rail of movable partition is generally divided into high-quality aluminum alloy hanging rail and steel hanging rail. In the process of maintenance, first push the movable partition to the storage board room or dismantle the partition at the access hole of the hanging rail, and then check whether the hanging rail is worn or deformed, and whether the sliding use of the partition is seriously affected. In case of serious situation, please stop using it immediately and inform the manufacturer of the partition for professional inspection, proofreading and even replacement.

Clean up the oil on the rail

After a long period of oil change in the track, it became more slippery. You can use a soft cloth to clean the lubricating oil in the track, and then use mineral oil essence to remove the residue. Then change some new lubricating oil. Generally, add some proper amount of lubricating oil to the lifting rail every 600mm.

Attention should be paid to prevent collision of sharp hard objects during daily use

Avoid direct impact of some heavy objects on the suspension rail and wall panel of the partition, and avoid using sharp tools to leave scratches on the movable partition wall panel, which will affect the appearance of the product.

Keep away from flammable and explosive materials

Do not put flammable materials near the movable partition, do not use flammable liquid to contact the panel, and be sure to check after use.