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Screen For Large Hotel Movable Partition

Updated:2020-08-19 17:44:52

If the hotel wants to change the current pattern, then you need to know about the hotel movable partition. The movable screen is a fashionable and practical decoration style of the hotel at present. If the movable screen is selected well, it can also make the hotel get more profits. There are various styles and materials for people to choose from. The practical situation of movable screen is more flexible and changeable. It can be used for decoration, partition space, and can be hidden when not in use.

Moreover, the hotel movable screen has the function of protecting the wall. The interior wall design can effectively avoid the direct infringement of external adverse factors on the wall, and corresponding measures should be taken in different key parts. For the sake of protection, the activity screen can be used to cover up the activities such as dinner party, party and so on. Sponge, foam wall materials and other materials have certain attraction effect and reduce noise. Therefore, screens composed of these materials have more or less noise insulation effect. However, the primary function of movable screen is still used for regional division. The screen is used for the division of living room space and the limitation of local characteristic space. The location can be changed at any time according to the actual application. Such a screen can not only separate the space, but also maintain a good fluidity and a sense of spatial hierarchy.

Of course, in a small space. Occasionally used in the home decoration. Movable screen is widely used. Compared to traditional walls, the movable screen plays almost every minute in mobile performance, combining activity and beauty, especially in hotels and other large spaces, and then in the hotel dining and office areas it uses. Activity partition solves multiple function activity partition for you. The activity partition will arrange the spatial pattern and change the pattern of box and compartment. In part of the time, the hall can be made into temporary compartment, which can make use of the convenience of activities. It can be used in many star hotels and my restaurants, in the face of complex and changeable personnel factors, to give different needs, among which. Hotel banquet hall and conference hall. The use of movable screens is quite a lot.