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The importance of acoustic barrier in operable walls

Updated:2015-07-26 03:56:16

Sound control is a very important factor in specifying operable partitions or planning multi-use space for your facility. But as we all known, sound,just like a water,if there are leaks in the surrounding construction,even the best movable partition will not provide the sound barrier. In this case,the best defense against sound leaking problem is build a gypsum board above suspended ceiling,it can perfect escape the routes for sound.

The track system above ceiling


The importance of sound proof barrier above ceiling

Gypsum board is a massive lightweight building material composed of solid gypsum, for building and erecting lightweight partition walls and other interior walls.Gypsum blocks are composed of gypsum plaster and water.It can close the space and effectively have a barrier to preventing the partition sound transmission.


The sound proof barrier in operable wall


The gypsum block built in movable walls


To improve the sound proof qualities of gypsum block partition walls,Egood usually  build a gypsum wall and fill the high density acoustic rock inside.The acoustic rock of the walls reduces the acoustic transmissions and strengthen sound absorption of these lightweight partition walls significantly.make it same as acoustic panel.




The gypsum block in movable wall


Picture is the finished sound proof barrier above suspended ceiling in our show room.You can use a plasterboard or more decorative board to make it more aesthetics.


Egood operable wall show room