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Do consider important aspects about buying movable partition wall

Updated:2015-05-29 11:29:14

Egood offers a wide selection of movable partition wall . Each has an array of options.With all these choices,selecting the right product for your needs can be confusing.


Before consulting your Egood representative or other design professional, we suggest you do some pre-planing which will help to narrow the choice and give you just the products you need. Here are some basic issues to consider:


1)Determine what space you want to divide

As you look at the space, notice the location of exposed sprinkle heads,columns,windows,chair rails,or any other mechanicals that could interfere with the installation or operation of the proposed movable wall .Make certain the new space includes everything needed for the activities it will accommodate.


2)Support needed

Most movable partition wall are supported from the building’s overhead structure. A check above the ceiling will need to be made to make certain if there are any obstructions in the area in which you wish to place a partition. A design professional may need to determine if the overhead structure is adequate to support the partition.




3)How many movable partition wall will you need?

Estimate how many partitions will you need and what is their approximate size will help you with the design issues.


 4)What type of activities will be held in the room?

This will determine how much sound control is needed. A bible study class will have much lower acoustical requirements than the band room! The higher acoustical rating,the higher the price of the partitions.


 Customer often request the highest partition sound rating without considering the sound control of the entire room.The room in which the partitions are located must have a rating equivalent to that of the partitions to achieve optimum sound control.


5)How much storage is available?

Location of the partition storage space affects what configuration of partition is needed.

Determine the area where the partitions will be stored or “stacked” when they are not in the opening.Typically this is at one or both ends of the opening.If there is not enough space in the room,the partition can be moved to a remote storage area with the use of additional track. Panel can even be stored parallel with the perimeter walls,if needed.


Movable wall are often stored in a pocket,which is a closet created for that purpose.Egood offers pocket doors may be factory finished with the same covering as the partition.They may also be shipped to the job site unfinished for field finishing to match the perimeter walls.


6)Do you have special finishing needs?

Egood offer a standard range of Vinyl which includes an array of standard patterns and colors.Other colors,patterns,carpet,fabric,high pressure laminate, wood veneers,chair rails,and other design features may be added for an up charge.Egood also assists interior decorators applying custom-in-field on our panels.


Do consider above important aspects when you plan to buy movable wall will help you to make more accurate choice, it also can simplify the communication process with sales representative.