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Egood operable wall applications

Updated:2015-05-23 01:17:17

In resent years , Egood operable wall  became more and more popular for Hotels,Commerce, Restaurants,

Conference room, Government,Religious Building ,etc..There are available in a several choices of finishes

of MDF board , melamine plate,Laminate,venner, fabric, fabric with foam, artifical leather, and wall covering

finishes...assurance that the aesthetic integrity of your space will be preserved.


the operable wall  can quickly divide a big area into several separate rooms for group activities, family

gatherings, church suppers, classes, etc. it also come in varying degrees of acoustical control to suit

specific needs.


Converting meeting room space has never been so easy and flexible. Movable partition wall  provide a

virtually limitless number of room configurations. More room configurations mean optimum space use and

more convention and meeting income from the same square footage. There will be more guest bookings

and greater return on investment.the products will go with  high-rated acoustical control assures privacy for

businesses in which confidentiality and quiet professionalism are major concerns.


Over many years of experience  has taught us to begin each new project by considering the needs of the

people who will be using our products.offer the ultimate in freedom, flexibility and value.Now you can quickly

change room sizes and configurations to meet changing needs in your space,Egood perable partitions  

slogan is Diligently,Creave,Space. It is kown worldwide for smooth, easy operation, and most of all, value.