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Movable partition developed from Folding Screen–“Ping Feng”

Updated:2015-05-24 17:29:30
Movable partition also called "ping feng" in Chinese, is an indispensable part of traditional Chinese
furniture. It consists of at least two frames connected by hinges and most of the frames are covered with
paper, silk, wood or other materials.Folding screen has a long history which can date back to the period
of Western Zhou Dynasty (1046BC~771BC). It reached its height during the period of Ming and Qing
Dynasties (1368~1911).
movable partition,ping feng,screen,
Originally, folding screen was only used by Emperor and it was usually put behind emperor's throne
symbolizing the imperial power. Later, it became apiece of commonly found indoor furniture, using for
providing shelter, partitioning off a space, and decorating the room. It also can be moved around easily.
However, folding screen is more than a piece of furniture.
In ancient China,an unmarried young lady was not supposed to be seen by male strangers. When a man
paid a visit, the lady could only take a peek at him behind a folding screen. And she would be completely
concealed. If the lady had a good impression of him, they would meet each other later. If they got on well,
they might get married at last.