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Understanding Acoustic Of Movable wall

Updated:2015-06-05 17:33:42


In specifying movable wall partition or planning multi-use space for your facility ,no factors is more important than sound control. In architectural acoustics, we are concerned with controlling the amplitude and/or the duration of sound.When sound waves strike a movable wall partition ,some are reflected from the surface,staying in the same room as the source of the sound. Some of the incident waves are absorbed by the material of the partition and converted to heat energy,while some are transmitted to the other side.


Acoustic movable wall,acoustic movabel partition



Sound transmission loss

Sound transmission loss(STL) is the effectiveness of a barrier at preventing sound from getting one side to the other.It is measured in decibels(DB),the same as amplitude.


Sound absorption

Sound absorption is the effectiveness of a surface or materials at preventing the reflection of sound.It does this by converting sound energy to heat.The more sound absorption ,the less echoing will exist.It is important to note the difference between a barrier and an absorbent batts of insulation allow sound to pass through as if they were not there. Generally speaking,you can't use a barrier to absorb sound,and you can't use an absorber to block sound.


Egood movable wall partition  laboratory (lab) acoustic testing site

Egood movable wall partition prodcuts acoustic test on laboratory(Lab)



Currently, the most widely accepted standard for ranking the acoustical performance of operable partition is STC or Sound Transmission Class. Sound Transmission Class is a Two-digit number describing the laboratory performance of a single building element in stopping the transmission of sound through it. Egood movable wall partition has attended ASTM standards of acoustic test in HongKong laboratory Accreditation Scheme(HOKLAS) for our Type65, Type80 and Type 100 series of operation partition systems.Nowadays,our type 65 can reach STC 45,type 80 can reach STC 48, type 100 can reach STC 53.


Flanking path

When it comes to acoustic , we have to know the concept of Flaking path. As we all known ,sound , like water,follows the path of least resistance.If there are leaks in the surrounding construction,even the best movable partition will not provide a good sound barrier. Shoddy construction ,customary construction practices,or poor installation of the partition can all contribute to the leaks ,known as "Flanking path".

Uneven floors and out-of-plumb walls also contribute to leaks as do recessed lighting,access panels,projection and lighting booths,and other design details.In dealing with sound transmission,there is no substitute for quality construction.Above all ,the best defense against flanking paths is careful planning in the early stages of the project.






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