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Different movable partition wall stacking parking options

Updated:2015-05-11 00:59:10

When it comes to movable partition project, it has to talk about how to stack and storage the partition panel. A flexible and skillful designed storage system is an essence in space management. Because it ensures each panel is placed and spaced for easy use and storage, maximum utilization of the available floor-space.


Egood is a professional space management designer , the company slogan "Diligently Creative Space." The professional designer team group will use their knowledge and experience to help with your flexible space management needs.


The real option is according to the clients' requirement and layout. Through the communication and investigation of site, Egood will work out the best and most reasonable option in the drawing.The illustration shown below give examples of standard stacking,packing configurations,many more can be offered depending upon the building.






Type 1 is for centre stacking solution;

Type 2 ,12 ,15 are for 90degree (h) stacking solution;

Type 3,5 are for offset stacking solution ;

Type 4 ,9,13,14 are for remote parallel stacking solution;

Type 6 is for parallel stacking solution;

Type 7,8,10,11 are for offset remote stacking solution;

Type 16 is for inline stacking solution


Egood partition is the creative way to add flexibility and functionality to your space, your best choice , you

deserve it.