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Do You Know About Our Movable Partition Production Schedule?

Updated:2015-05-06 03:07:53

PS. The schedule below is for reference only , please make a actual production plan as the standard

The definition of movable partition production schedule is the time from site survey to  panel production,transportation and installation and operation training.

Movable partition's production schedule has a little difference with others, for example, some customers always thought that the partitions can be produced and  shipped immediately once they signed the contract, but it's really unpractical. Because our partition belongs to customize products,  we will show you some details about the process of our production schedule.


1.Egood movable partition company has a set of standard sales operable procedure. First , signing the contract after site survey ,negoistaion and designed as requirment . We on only need our customer signed in contract but also need them signed in the inistial production drawing after their confirmation. Second, make the payment. We usually send our installer in site to install the track system after we received 30% or 40% deposit. This time decided by clients, each project has a little difference. Third, after our installer finished the installation of track system, we will let them make a precisely measurement of the site, and finalized with the cilient ,its critical to receive the signed and confirmed drawing to satrt panel production.


2.Our sales person will feedback this size's confirmation files to our professional designer to calculate material .Because our partition all customized, It will takes some time for preparing all the basic materials like base board, aluminum profiles and mechnical metal accessoires and other finishes materails (about 5 to 7 days). In this case, for better unstading in delivery time, our sales person should explain the reason to customers in advance.

3.After all the materials were prepared, as a professional partition manufacturer, we usually can assemble and finishes the partition panel within 3-5days.


4.As a professional customize and machining movable partition manufacturer in China, its necessary to have a very important step before partition done, that is quality inspection. We have a very strict rule of quality inspection, only it can meet the production requirement we can keep it in loading area and waiting for delivery.