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Twins Water Entertainment Center Lagos, Negeria collapsable folding partition installation

Updated:2016-05-04 14:04:01

Twin Waters is the first premium ultra-modern entertainment centre which covered 22,600-square-foot, currently still under construction in the Lekki area of Lagos, Nigeria. Spanning five floors with awesome views of the Atlantic Ocean, it features 12 luxury stores, two fine-dining restaurants, four modern event suites, a rooftop bar and the very first ultimate gaming arcade in Nigeria,Rufus and Bee.  Egood provides collapsable wall partition toal solution in their restaurant at the 4th Floor.  Our project manager and Enginner arrived Negeria at 18th July as supervisor for this project installation (Track was delivered by sea few months ago). 


        Project manager at Twins Water Entertainment building under construction (Taken in July 28th,2017)

                                     Excellent views of the Atlantic Ocean from Twins water building attic


                          Egood project Manager is discussing drawing options with Negeria architect. 


                             Egood Engineer is teaching worker how to assemble aluminum track 




After everything ready to go, we start our job with several small groups.  



















This project has track over 200 meter. Our perple stayed over 1 month till whole work completed. Once they covered tiles at floor we can start panel production.  In November or December our engineer will be there again for panel installation.  Hope everything goes well and wish project successfully completed. 



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