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Egood Type 108 Double Glazed High Soundproof Office Partition Exported To Italy

Updated:2020-03-12 17:00:00

Egood Type 108 Double Glazed High Soundproof Office Partition Exported To Italy


Location: Italy.


The customer has adopted our company's 108 double glazed partitions. This style is of high sound insulation performance, convenient installation and easy maintenance. In addition, Egood company provides customers with rich color choices to achieve customers' beautiful designs. Italy is the center of world-renowned fashion and design, and attracts a large number of designers to visit the fashion ceremony every year. We believe that our products can definitely enter the European market deeper and get the trust and recognition of more and more European customers.








Following are details for the glass wall:

1) Total area :80 square meter

2) Height: 2710mm

3) Style: 108 double glazed glass wall.





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