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Egood mobile partition is a new means of restaurant transformation!

Updated:2019-10-26 17:16:40

Restaurant is a scene of the movable partition is commonly used,it is actually a site, if all in concrete, so it is too rigid, but also not conducive to the rational use of space, now a lot of hotel decoration is no longer used concrete box, the decoration has couldn't keep up with the pace of The Times, can't satisfy the customers with the boss, the variety of demand for space.


movable partition


This movable partition first in Guangdong over popular, then in zhejiang, jiangsu, Shanghai, Beijing and other cities prevail, now has spread across the country, more and more customers realize the benefits of this partition, began to decorate the hotel, the decoration will be applied to the scene. Rooms movable partition is not only applied in the private room oh, hotel lobby, conference room, school and some training institutions are also found the benefits of the partition, are all in use, when you are still suffering from a real lack of space for yourself, other people looking for a different approach, so friends, be sure to keep pace with The Times oh, space transform new means to quickly get up!


Choose movable partition is according to their own decoration style to customize, conventionally there are board type, hard package, soft package and color painting can be independently selected,Guangdong Egood Partition Products CO., LTD. Welcome your consultation!




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