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Updated:2019-10-23 15:50:13

Egood Partition offers the option of automatic or semi-automatic operation to allow rooms to be adapted quickly and easily. Both alternatives are tried and tested solutions for everyday use: they are extremely economical to operate, thus reducing costs, and also enjoy proven functional reliability as an important complementary aid to today’s modem conference technology.


Egood Partition


The system advantages of semi-automatic (HA) technology


•Electronically controlled sealing strip operation; the partitioning is moved manually; time and energy savings are made by eliminating crankwork

•Time and cost savings increase system economy; the precise contact pressure of the sealing strips is assured at all times

•Generally enhanced user convenience

•Minimal additional costs

•Unlimited layout configurations; stacking and parking as for the manual system

•Floor-mounted guides and special track rails are not required

•Door and window elements can be fitted



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Movable partitions are customized for different customers with different requirment, pls feel free to contact us.

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