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Egood Partition --Functional design and aesthetics coupled with superior quality

Updated:2019-11-22 17:45:46

A room is characterised primarily by its visual appearance. As a result, a room partitioning system should also blend in harmoniously with its given surroundings. With an almost infinite choice of designs and colours to cater for the most sophisticated design and layout requests, AE Alumina Elit fulfils this requirement admirably. Comprehensively translating creative and artistic ideas into reality, the Egood Partition system counters the most intricate aesthetic needs with a multitude of design options. The high-quality materials and their visual effects are unsurpassed.


Egood Partition --Functional design and aesthetics coupled with superior quality


When it comes to the designoriented configuration of today’s living areas, it is no wonder that Egood Partition has a role to play in all planning considerations. But that's not all. The standard of craftsmanship embodied in Egood Partition sys terns is also second to none. This applies to the widest array of materials, from hardwood veneers through fabric coverings to laminated surfaces. Only this close attention to detail can guarantee the desired visual appearance for many years to come.


The use of exquisite materials and various material combinations can be particularly appealing. Timber and glass, timber and metal, timber and stainless steel, and even different timbers can all be combined, thus offering an abundance of attractive design options with a visual effect that is both striking and immediate. It all comes down to the highly effective interaction of design and technology: clear evidence of the unparalleled ability of the Egood Partition system to enhance today's interiors.



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