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Updated:2019-09-28 17:08:17

Modern living areas should provide those who use them with an enhanced quality of life. movable partition walls from the Egood partition system offer the best possible solution there is.


movable partition,sliding partition wall


Regardless of their characteristics and function, rooms can be effortlessly proportioned, mode smaller, larger or reproportioned to suit individual requirements. Any area, from a small conference room to a large exhibition hall, can be optimally adapted to suit varying numbers of users. Excellent sound insulation properties allow different events to be held in adjacent areas without any intrusive noise.


This flexibility is the key to creating the perfect ambiance in any situation. distinguished by a broad range of surface finishes and coverings to satisfy any creative or aesthetic demand. Mobile partitioning coupled with flawless operating technology enables Egood partition to provide the ideal solution every time, ensuring that the people using the rooms feel at home, whatever the setting.





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Movable partitions are customized for different customers with different requirment, pls feel free to contact us.

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