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Why choose the Egood partition?

Updated:2019-08-09 16:39:17

Egood movable partition walls have unparalleled quality, design flexibility, acoustic performance and lasting durability. Proudly manufactured in the Foshan, Egood movable partition walls with aluminum frame have the most widespread application.


Egood movable partition walls can be designed with the industry’s most comprehensive range of dimensions, performance options, and decorative finishes. Increasingly, efficient space utilisation becoming a must for offices, hotels, exhibition centres , studios and so on.


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suitable used in:

1.studios, recording rooms, listening rooms, rehearsal rooms and more professinally interspace timbre projects.

2.theaters, indoor gymnasiums, discos, KTV rooms and more performance and entertainment location.

3.meeting rooms, offices, halls, hotels and more sound absorption and secrecy projects.





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