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Updated:2019-07-19 16:37:29

After years of continuous engineering research and testing activities of the acoustic system,Egood delivers world-class noise control,stiffness,reliability,durability,style and aesthetic accessories through her diversified acoustic product portfolio.Egood strictly regulates the procurement of materials and production processes,with the precision engineering and quality control systems to ensure that all manufactured products is excellent with no defect.

Egood works with architects,designers,developers,contractors and owenrs in design,product selection,decorative finishing,project management and after-sales warranty services as her one-stop solution business service:



Regardless of size or scope of the project space,our designers and executives will offer assistance to be sure that you design and specify an operable partition that meets the flexibility,acoustic,aesthetic and economic needs.Also,Egood products may be modified by design requirements to fix your specific needs.

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Egood operates her production facilites in Foshan,China for better service and offer.Our engineers always commit to develop industry-leading acouatics,omni-directional track systems,fire safety,efficient space management and ease of operation.Dedicated to quality,Egood throughly evaluates and test all products and materials.

total solution,Egood partition,solution,design,production,installation



Egood has a competent and qualified installation team which is capable to install tracks,sound baffles,panels acoustic door and pocket doors with accurate measurement and workmanship which is proved to be important assurance of top quality and performance of the system,and ensure all projects are always on track and properly managed.

total solution,Egood partition,solution,design,production,installation


4.After sales

After sales support is most Egood concern and care after project completion.Egood partition are guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of two years.Egood promises to respond and provide solution to our customer on quality issue within a day time and ensure quick delivery of needed spare parts,tools and services.Every quality issue or complaint case is documented and logged in our quality system and these date are used for continutinuous improvement proposes.

total solution,Egood partition,solution,design,production,installation


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