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Discussion on movable partition

Updated:2019-07-01 17:12:00

Movable walls (also known as room dividers, partition walls, operable partitions) are representing the most mobile and Sliding Partition Screen flexible wall system, to separate different rooms with incredible sound insulation. 

movable partition,sliding partition wall,partition walls


movable partition,sliding partition wall

▲movable wall


In the modern world the most important things are flexibility and efficient time usage. You can separate different room parts with movable walls and give them brand new function. Imagine that you have found a solution for 100m2 room, but there is always a problem, if there are too many people in one big room. It's no more comfortable and private. In that point you can install movable wall to separate big room to smaller parts and also therefore you have found more functions for the new rooms. 

movable partition,sliding partition wall,movable walls


movable partition,sliding partition wall

▲movable wall


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