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Hotel partition preferred: movable partition

Updated:2019-06-24 17:21:31

Hotels usually need to be redecorated in two or three years, otherwise the environment will look old. This will make the guest's overall impression of the hotel is greatly reduced.What materials should be used for the renovation?Is it a traditional fixed wall or a movable wall?

removable partition wall


Generally speaking, if the hotel to be renovated uses the traditional fixed wall, then the old wall needs to be dismantled during the renovation, which is very troublesome and will affect the business.And now there is a gorgeous and removable partition wall, which doubles the hotel's decoration effect.

movable partition



After the use of this movable partition wall, it can be enough space to partition and use, its sound insulation effect is better than the traditional fixed wall, in the demolition of the decoration of garbage is less traditional, easy to clean up, do not affect business.

movable partition



Movable partition its own function is to partition the movable wall of sound insulation, When a hotel needs gorgeous decor,it can choose different styles of finishes, in the combination of various advantages, movable partition will become the first choice of hotel decoration partition.


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