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EGOOD Acoustic Mobile Partition wall System Accessories List

Updated:2017-02-27 08:02:37

Some clients always worry about the partition installation, what accessories for movable wall that they will supply? Should we do anything before goods coming?


For this question,our answer will be follow: We will supply full system of movable wall, except that,everything such as structure for fixing wall partition, gypsum ceiling, iron steel are excluded.   Some clients may complain how can you not include fixing structure in your system? First, we don’t know exactly the site condition for each project, whatever the headroom space or existing structure,it would be better designed by architect according to our system. Second, the structure like angle iron is quite heavy and big volume, buying locally would be more reasonable.



For the above reason, please see following accessories list.




① M10 anchorage bolt,provided by Egood,
② Top angle bracket, provided by Egood,
③ 4# steel angle, provided by others,
④ 5# steel angle, provided by others,
⑤ "Z" steel section bracket, provided by Egood, 
⑥ Gypsum board, provided by others, 
⑦ M10 nut, provided by Egood,
⑧ Carrier, provided by Egood,
⑨ Aluminum track, provided by Egood,
⑩ False ceiling, provided by client,
⑪ Partition panel, provided by Egood.

Client can fix structure before goods coming,and leave space for track installation.  Of course, we would be more than pleased to help if you need our suggestion. Welcome to consult and discussion!




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