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Movable wall typical track fixing structure installation

Updated:2017-04-06 00:23:17

As we known, the movable wall panels move on a ceiling track with no requirement of floor guides or rails. All track support above ceiling by concrete slab or beam . Typically for overseas project, we provide panels, aluminum track ,all fixing accesoories but not included the steel structure system. The structure should be built by client themselves according to partition weight and headroom space.  However, to save money and time, most of them use thread rod hang the panels directly do not build steel structure. Like the way we fixed false ceiling, they put thread rod extend till 700-800mm or even more . Thats too dangerous and really do not be recommended. 


Long thread rod hanging system(Do not recommend) 


The typical suspend steel structure to support movable wall system would be absolutetely more stronger and safe. It won't cost too much also easy to build. Following we will show how to build typical suspend track structure. 




At first we should use infrared measurement machine and tape to keep leveling then marking in concrete slab. 



Then we drill in the concrete slab. 


After drilling, we start to cut the installation materials. This part is optional according to partition weight and site condition.  For normal height partition wall,  4#angle steel and 5# angle steel is enough.  


Cutting the angle steel according to headroom space.  


In the list of accesorries we provided, including anchorage bolts. The next step we should do is weld a anchorage bolt and angle bracket. 








Then we use anchorage bolt to fix angle bracket. 




After all vertical steel structure finished, it is the time we put 5#angle steel in horizontal for install aluminum track. 



Now everything is finished. Let us start track installation!  



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