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Egood movable partition surface materials and finishes: raw MDF,raw plwyood,melamine,veneer and HPL

Updated:2016-09-07 06:33:22

Egood offers products and service with the end user in mind.We build in features that provide benefits to the owner overthe life of the partition.Features such as protective edge trim will keep yours partitions looking look for many years to come. Egood provides common finishes options as below mention also provide unfinished for field decoration to compliment the building environment:

1.raw unfinish MDF or plywood or magnesium board,client will make the panel decoration by himself


2.MDF melamine(vinyl),available for solid color,wooden texture (aluminum profile exposed,aluminum joint strip)

3.if the height is below 2440mm,there is no aluminum joint strip required

4.require subsection size if the height over 2440mm

5.aluminum profile conscealed

6.various of nature wood laminate,veneer or engineered wood are available 

7.Formica or other  ordinary brand HPL ,high pressure laminate can be selected 


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Movable partitions are customized for different customers with different requirment, pls feel free to contact us.

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