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How should we functional use the movable divider in Restaurant

Updated:2016-08-01 11:07:06

Nowadays more and more people prefer a quite and private enviroment in restaurant, especailly for the family gathering or when friends get together.So its necessary to create soundproof and small room base on the large dinning room. Therefore,various VIP room existed and also various movable partition widely used in restaurant. But how can we better functional ues this wall to divide restaurant?


Following project cases may give you more ideas about this. 

This is a hotel project completed in Marth,2016. We used movable divider to create several rooms. In this project, we designed two long partition walls plus several small partition wall, each room seperately and independent.Can combine two, three or even more rooms when needed.








When all the partition in the parking bay, its a large restaurant dinning room. Sometimes you can open one side, and let half room as large dinning room.



Its one of the Functional way to use movable wall. Any other options we can customize by your layout. 





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