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Operating,care and maintenance instructions of the Egood movable partition system

Updated:2015-05-17 12:19:16

As a newly decorative products,Egood movable partition system  was being more and more popular in design

industrial. They were  widely used in hotel, conference room, banquet hall and etc.

Althrough movable partiton system brings so much convenience in difference situation, but many of the users

can not master the operate skill very well. So, the question is : how to better operate the partition and maintain

them? In this article, we will show you some skills about operation and some repaired maintenance



Care of Opeartion

1. Be certain to retract the top and bottom seal before moving panel, otherwise panel will be easy


2.Take care of the panel finishing during installation or operating ,the fabric and leather fabric is not easy

to clean once it be spotted or damaged.

3. Keep track alignment with all joints and intersections when install the track. Spread lightly lubricate on

track interior section before you hang up the partition.

4. Operate slowly and never force the partition panel.

5. Slowly turning every time when you make a turn at the "T" and "L" track junction

6.Not for outdoor using, put the partition panel stay away from water or moisture area

7.Use the partition according to our instruction,make sure all operator are well trained.


Some trouble shotting and repair recommendations:

Anyway please be notied that Never force the operations of panels! When it's hard to operate,remember

keep it plumb and check the reommendation we mentioned above.Hope this article may helpful for you.











Panels stagnating or hard to push.

1. Dirt in the track. 2.less lubricate oil.3. Misaligned track joints. 3.Bearing broken.

1. Clean track. 2.Spread lubricate oil on the track.3.detach the track and keep joint alignment. 3. Replace bearing.

Panels Hanging out of vertical.

1. Loose or broken bearing. 2. Broken track system Support Beam.

1. Tighten loose carries to return panel to plumb. 2. Replace any broken carriers or support beam.

Abnormal noise during movement.

1. Bearing Broken  2. Misaligned track joints

1. Replace bearing 2. Detach the track and realign joints

Top and bottom seal inoperative

1. mechanism stripped / broken link to mechanism 2.top seal stuck  by the trolley support beam

1. Straighten or replace seal. /. Replace

2.Adjust the size of the hole located on the top seal

Broken or worn bearing

1.Bad track joints.

2. Wrong handling at "T" or "L" intersections.

1. Realign track joints & replace trolleys.

2. Replace bearing and slowly turning in junction position

Lever closure jamb not extending or operates difficult.

1. Internal mechanism stripped. 2. Limit cables or chains tangled. 3. Tension bolts too tight.

1. Replace mechanism. 2. Adjust limit chains. 3. Adjust tension bolts on mechanism.


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